Excerpt from bulletin n° 25

A friend of Mama Christine, I visited Bali for the first time from January 15th to February 13th 2017.

I was accompanied by Florence Grenot* a friend and painter, with the idea to offer drawing and painting workshops to Balinese children sponsored by Anak**. This project quickly gained in intensity and multiplied to the surrounding schools in Pakisan, Sawan and Galungan.

Workshops began with the making of a charcoal face with the indication of simple proportions for the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears, then the fading for the hollows and the bumps generating the volumes (photo of a face).

Thanks to Florence’s abundant imagination, the children were able to invent imaginary animals themselves. They were very interested and excited about this activity. Their drawings inspired two mural frescoes: one in the center of Pakisan with extraordinary animals another on the wall of the library of the Galungan school built by Anak, with fantastic birds.

These two frescoes will remind children that in they are creative and imaginative when they draw, they can be so in their real lives as well.


The fresco of Pakisan inspired a story imagined by the children: “Once upon a time, in the forest near Pakisan. . . hear the animals laugh “

A big thank you to Anak’s team who welcomed us with so many smiles and such kindness, bending over backwards to help us find the materials and gathering all the children together.

We were greatly enriched by the discovery of the Anak association and of this Balinese experience and of the customs that we were able to discover for the first time.

Om swastiastu.


Hélène Petit-Pillie

** Florence Grenot painter from Lyon, France who has already carried out many workshops throughout the world (India, Madagascar, Romania, Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Guinea ..)

Site: Florence Grenot Magix Bali World Workshop – http://florencegrenot.magix.net

** In the Pakisan and Amed centers as well as the Singaraja boarding school.