Organic Mini-Farm

The DHARMA CITA residence, where, in 2021-2022, 45 ANAK-sponsored high school students reside, is also a place for them to learn to be independent, manage their budget and take initiatives.

The majority of these young people come from families of farm workers and/or fishers. To help them maintain a link with their parents’ professions and work toward protecting the planet, ANAK plans to set up a mini organic farm equipped with a micro sewage treatment plant and a biogas manufacturing system on a 260 m² plot of land adjacent to the residence.

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These three extra-curricular activity centres, created in 2006, 2009 and 2017 in the villages of Bunutan, Pakisan and Sawan respectively, offer free courses in languages, computer studies, traditional arts (dance, writing, music, etc.) throughout the year, and each contains a library available to the children, as well as a computer lab.

These centers need to be regularly maintained to continue to accommodate children in healthy, comfortable, and stimulating conditions. Daily expenses include, for each center, building expenses, minor repairs, maintenance of computer equipment, renewal of equipment for activities and expenses related to Balinese ceremonies. These centers are also places of entertainment for the children, time of exchanges for our teams and place of welcome for the godfathers and foreign partners of passage in Bali.

These activities stimulate the children and encourage them to share their knowledge, develop their talents, gain confidence and, consequently, reveal their potential.

Cost : 3.000 €uros / year for the 3 centers




In 2013, Anak received a motorbike converted into a mobile library from one of its partners.

Three days a week, this motorbike travels from village to village giving children access to books and time to share their reading, which is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

In order to make sure this activity continues, we need funds to renew the books and to support the logistic costs, such as gas, motorcycle maintenance and the driver’s salary.

Global cost : 730 €uros



The children supported by Anak will be taken on a tour to discover their island. As they don’t often have leisure time outside the school because their help is usually very much solicited by their parents, this tour will be a wonderful opportunity for these children to create memories.
In June 2018, students visited the Bedugul region famous for its temples and strawberry crops. In 2019, a talent show was organized for children in Pakisan..

Average global cost : 1500 €uros



Each year, in an effort to highlight the extra-curricular activities Anak provides and to enable children to demonstrate their talents and show the progress they have made throughout the year, Anak participates in two artistic and cultural events.

These occasions provide an opportunity for children to leave their village, to meet other children, and to participate in competitions related to their culture.

Balinese dance competition


Organised by the city of Singaraja, each school and association presents its best dancers for this competition. A dozen children sponsored by Anak will participate in August 2017 and will hope to equal the attempts of children who won in past years.

Indonesian language festival

Organised by Anak, this festival pays homage to the Indonesian language via contests that include poetry, traditional Balinese writing, Indonesian stories and arts (drawings, paintings, etc.). Seventy-five children living close to Pakisan and supported by Anak will participate in October 2017.

Global cost : 1.200 €uros




Created by the Green Books association, these specialised books on flora and fauna provide children with information on these subjects while making them aware of the environment and its protection.

These books are available at each centre and in the various libraries redeveloped by Anak.

Global cost : 500 €uros

Awareness-raising workshops

Since 2018, in partnership with schools and village chiefs, Anak has been setting up
"prevention against child abuse" workshops once a year at schools and in communities by
having professionals speak about child protection, family planning and women's

These workshops teach children about abuse and who to contact if there is a problem. Within
the communities, these workshops make it possible to break the taboo concerning such acts
and provide families with an understanding about the dangers and consequences of abuse.
The presence of government agencies concerned with child protection allows children and
adults who are hearing this presentation for the first time to feel safe. Through these
workshops participants can also benefit from agencies’ experiences and hear their testimonies
drawn from real life.
Beneficiaries (by ANAK-supported village) :

  • Amed: 5 primary schools, 1 middle school and 5 banjars *
  • Pakisan: 3 primary schools, 1 middle school and 3 banjars
  • Sawan: 3 primary schools and 1 banjar
  • Panji Anom: 1 school and 1 banjar
  • Tejakula: 1 school and 1 banjar

* Banjar: a traditional hamlet consisting of the basic traditional Balinese society unit.

Presentation procedure :
Preparation :

– Anak teams meet with teachers, school directors and village leaders to plan the presentations.

– Coordination with the government agencies and associations involved (planning, logistics, etc.) takes place

Presentations at schools

– Games and a presentation of explanatory cartoons for children
– Snacks

Presntations at schools :

– Meeting at the Bale Banjar (village meeting places) with a drink and a snack.
– A speech to familiarize participants with legal terms
– Discussion, questions/answers

Funding required : € 1.000