You are currently viewing 2003 – 2023  Our association has been active for 20 years

2003 – 2023 Our association has been active for 20 years

The children and young people supported by ANAK, alumni, their families, and the entire Bali team gave us their energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism by organizing an anniversary day in Pacung-Tejakula that will remain in everybody’s memory!

We were deeply touched by their kindness, their dynamism, and their talents. A description of how the day unfolded will be published in our newsletter


Celebrating 20 years: how it was organized!

For several months, our team, the young people, and several parents worked tirelessly to make this day a memorable moment in ANAK’s history: many rehearsals took place for songs, dances, and plays performed by the children and teenagers! For many weeks, this entire miniature world worked hard to give us a marvelous show on the Day!

As for food preparation, the mothers of godparented children lent a hand, as did our adolescents.

The young people were also in charge of decorating the party venue and cleaning up at the end of the day.

Giggles guaranteed!

Before the day began in earnest, a number of fun games brought the young and old together!

Makan Krupuk: eat shrimp chips hanging on threads as quickly as possible with your hands tied behind your back!

Pindah Balok: walk on eight pieces of wood, one after the other, without touching the ground.

Lari Karung pakai helm: race in potato sacks wearing a scooter helmet in case of a fall!

Karet Sate: pass a rubber band through your teeth using a stick!

Bakiak 3 orang: walk in teams of three on a wooden board similar to Japanese footwear.

Lari Kaki Diikat 3 orang: run as a team of three with your feet tied together!

Speech time

Co-founders Christine Grosso and Christian Rattoray talked about how ANAK came about, the projects it has achieved throughout these 20 years, and the continuing need to help these children and young people access education and employment.

Dwi (Bali President) and Denis (France/Switzerland President) took the time to thank all the European and Balinese teams warmly for their important involvement within the association and with the sponsors.

A huge THANK YOU to Parwica, Sri Lestari, Agus Tirta, Budiarta, Asriani and Paing, six alumni godchildren who came to talk about their school and university experiences, their professions today, the association’s support, and the connections they have made with their godparents.

Time to enjoy the children and young people's talents!

For nearly six months, ANAK’s children and youth practiced tirelessly to present their artistic talents on our anniversary day.

A welcome dance called Puspanjali was performed by the children of Panji Anom. Then, Amed’s children danced under the sign of flowers and earth with Sekar Jagat.

At lunch, our guests attended a play performed by the children of Sawan and then Pacung. The teenagers of Dharma Cita also played music at this time.

Then a youth from Pakisan performed Baris, a traditional war dance. It was followed by a representation of fishing by the youth of Dharma Cita called Nelayan.

Finally, we were able to admire choreography by Panji Semirang and Terunajaya, thanks to young people from Galungan and Pakisan.

Thank you Sawan Gamelan for the music!

Partners also in the spotlight

Teams from Bali Autrement, a travel agency and an ANAK partner since its creation, were present on site, as were partners from Socialimpakt who offered us water filters.

Members of Lucydreamgalery, who came in October 2022 to create paintings with the children, also responded to our invitation!

Our local partners came to promote the craftsmanship of Pacung, host city for our 20th anniversary celebration. In particular, coconut oil-and red ginger-based products were made available! Art Zoo gallery came to exhibit their works, and our partner association Peduli Alam displayed some beautiful recycled plastic items.

The village’s activities were promoted by NAOS, an association that sorts waste and offers a coral replanting program to the young people of Pacung.

Memories, Memories!




Video of the day in 4 minute

To be watched as many times as you like!

Jerusalema Dance!

A final gift bouquet! Thank you!

Interview with Christine Grosso

Mama Christine answers three questions.

20 YEARS - €20 - 20 WEEKS!

20 years is quite an achievement! It’s an opportunity to challenge us all to continue carrying out as many projects as possible for all our godchildren!