In respect and harmony with local customs, Anak endeavours to respond to the practical needs of the population, through formal and informal education, but also in terms of infrastructure and the environment.

With the help of local partners and on-site coordinators that come from the villages that take part in the program, Anak supports the education of Indonesian children aged 7 to 23 who live in poor rural areas and remote villages in North and North-eastern Bali. Our teams encourage these children daily to discover the world, to free their creative potential through cultural and artistic activities, to be conscious of their talents and to gain in confidence and self-esteem.

Anak not only takes care of the health check-ups of all these children and teenagers but also continuously makes them aware of the importance of respecting the environment.

The selection of children supported by Anak depends on a meticulous process as well as two major factors: the child’s motivation and the lack of family means.