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November 2021 Our teens at work

2021-11-peinture DC2 ados
2021-11-peinture DC2 ados

A few rooms had not yet been painted when the Dharma Cita residence in Singaraja was completed.

2021-11-peinture DC2 ados
As soon as they were provided with the necessary equipment, the teenagers at the residence courageously got to work!

During this time, activities have been continuing at the different centers:

2021-11-informatique amed

Computer lessons in Amed

2021-11- danse Pakisan

Dance in Pakisan

2021-11- danse Amed

Dance in Amed

2021-11-anglais AMED
2021-11-lecture Sawan

Reading and writing in Sawan

2021-11-dessin Amed

English lesson in Amed

Drawing in Pakisan

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