You are currently viewing November 2021 Our actions have been rewarded!

November 2021 Our actions have been rewarded!

The RAJA-Danièle MARCOVICI Foundation has been supporting our association for several years.

Particularly committed to helping women, this Foundation, chaired by an exceptional woman, has recognized in our actions the important role we play in emancipating young women through education.

This year, we submitted a grant application to compete in the “Coup de Coeur” category. The Coup de Cœur prize is awarded through a system of voting among staff, customers and suppliers of the RAJA company.

Borbala, one of our members employed at the RAJA company, was able to convince her friends and colleagues to support us, and we thank her warmly!

15 ans Fondation Raja annonce du resultat par D.MARCOVICI

Aware that access to education and to financial autonomy is even more difficult for young girls, ANAK supports girls for the most part: two-thirds of our sponsored children are female.

The RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation ( was created in 2006 at the initiative of Danièle Kapel Marcovici, Chairman and CEO of the RAJA Group and supports projects that promote women’s emancipation.

The Foundation carries out awareness-raising activities on the causes of women among various types of groups. It shares its expertise and encourages conversations around the results of the projects its supports to improve the effectiveness of actions in the field and to help scale up the lessons learned. To do this, it sets up partnerships with other foundations, stakeholders in the financial sector and institutional stakeholders.

It supports projects financially in four areas:

– Fighting against violence to women and children

– Promoting women’s education and leadership

– Supporting the professional integration and economic rights of women

– Working toward climate justice and women’s actions

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