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Project description

The DHARMA CITA residence in the city of Singaraja, where, in 2021-2022, 45 ANAK-sponsored high school students reside, is also a place for them to learn to be independent, manage their budget and take initiatives. Since 2019, the association has developed various entrepreneurship workshops (sewing, baking cakes and concocting other desserts). The majority of these young people come from families of farm workers and/or fishers. To help them maintain a link with their parents’ professions and work toward protecting the planet, ANAK plans to set up a mini organic farm equipped with a micro sewage treatment plant and a biogas manufacturing system on a 260 m² plot of land adjacent to the DHARMA CITA residence.

This project will enable high school students to consume the products they produce, develop a sense of responsibility and understand the importance of environmentally friendly practices with the ultimate goal of sharing them with their parents and having an impact on the ecological challenges facing the planet today.

Such a project will also help the association reduce the volume of basic foodstuff purchases (eggs, peppers, etc.) and the cost of water and gas at the DHARMA CITA residence, and in so doing will enable a more autonomous management.

The organic mini-farm project will include:

  • Raising four pigs
  • A henhouse for about forty hens
  • A pond with about thirty carp for farming
  • A vegetable garden (peppers, tomatoes, onions, local spinach (“kangkung”), etc.
  • A micro wastewater treatment plant* so that wastewater from the residence can be reused for the daily needs of the organic mini-farm.
  • A biogas system from pig excrement

Project budget: €30,533

– Land and development: €24,437

– Septic tank and purification: €3,800

– Livestock farming and biogas system: €2,296

The young people and the coordinator will be trained by two Balinese farmers already working with environmentally friendly techniques (natural fertilizer etc.) and will receive training to manage the maintenance of the Bio septic tank.

The tasks relating to the maintenance of the mini organic farm, which require between 3 and 4 hours a day, can be carried out in turn by the 45 young people residing in the home, without encroaching on their study time or on their extracurricular activities time.

The students of Dharma Cita set to work as soon as the land was purchased!

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