After the visit of 10-year-old Joanne to Anak and with the encouragement of her parents and teachers, her primary school became the correspondence partner of the children of the LILA CITA Sawan center. The project started in May 2018 with a first exchange of drawings. It is an excellent opportunity for children from both hemispheres to share their culture, environment and their lives by way of their drawings.

On Saturday June 22nd, the school used the opportunity of their fair to exhibit drawings by the children from Sawan and also to present the association. More than 500 euros were raised thanks to donations and the sale of objects. Clothing has also been collected and is being shipped to Bali.

Thanks to Jérôme Rivkine and his daughter Joanne for initiating this beautiful project.

We hope that this partnership will endure and will even allow future exchanges of correspondence in English!