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August 2021 Pacung center construction

Over the last almost 20 years, ANAK has endeavored to provide the villages in which it operates with “activity centers.”

Whether they are rented, purchased thanks to our donors or built by the association, they make it possible not only to gather our sponsored children together for the monthly distributions, but also to offer daily extra-curricular activities, some of which are accessible to all the children in the village.

Although the villages of Amed, Pakisan and Sawan already have their centers, this was not yet the case for the village of Pacung in the district of Tejakula, ANAK’s latest village of intervention.

Thanks to the generosity of this village, which is lending us the land, and of our donors, we have been able to build this new center and have begun to provide equipment for it.

The project is still open with respect to providing more equipment.

And since in Bali, everything starts with a ceremony, the land was blessed by a priest, who arrived especially before construction was begun.

Construction Pacung-04-210714 at 01.23.35-fsi
Construction Pacung-03-210714 at 01.23.34-fsi-1
Construction Pacung-02-210714 at 01.23.34-fsi
Construction Pacung-01-210714 at 01.23.33-fsi
Construction Pacung-08-210714 at 01.23.37-fsi
Construction Pacung-07-210714 at 01.23.36-fsi-1
Construction Pacung-06-210714 at 01.23.36-fsi
Construction Pacung-05-210714 at 01.23.35-fsi-1

We were then able to start building and the structural work was completed in record time!

Construction Pacung-13-210723
Construction Pacung-09-210723
Construction Pacung-18-210723
Construction Pacung-17-210723
Construction Pacung-20-210731
Construction Pacung-19-210731 1216P7310042_DxO

Installing the roof:

Construction Pacung-51-210819
Construction Pacung-48-210819
Construction Pacung-53-210819
Construction Pacung-52-210819

Il ne reste plus qu’à faire la peinture et le carrelage !

Construction Pacung-59-210830
Construction Pacung-57-210830
Construction Pacung-55-210830
Construction Pacung-65-210916

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