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Presentation of the association - June 2021

Food aid

Due to the health crisis linked to the COVID19 coronavirus, the association decided to launch an exceptional subscription to help the families of sponsored children. The amount collected made it possible to pass the most difficult period, from June to September.

Here is a small recap of this distribution in July 2020.


ANAK presentation by Mathilde

Anak met Mathilde Murielle last October, during a yoga session organized by Didier Dozias and his students from the structure THE ELEMENT DES ARTS ( with children from LILA CITA, the Anak center of Amed.

Touched by our action and being a journalist / Reporter / Video Editor / Director, she decided to support us by making a short video allowing us to explain our action and our needs. Maya and Gunta then present on site were interviewed and beautifully present our actions.

A nice gift for ANAK, always looking for such support. A big thank you to Mathilde and the Cinémagis school of Mont de Marsan for their work and to Didier who allowed this beautiful meeting.

Realization: Mathilde Murielle Fréoa  / Editing: Ezti Larrue, Rossana Bonfini / Picture: Murielle Fréoa / Photos: Sandrine Chopin / Graphics: Kevin Dumon /

Thanks to the Cinémagis school of Mont de Marsan / Promotion Video editing 2018


Testimonial of Joane, 10 years old – June 2017

My family and I decided to visit Indonesia with the hope of experiencing a trip that had true meaning as opposed to a regular family vacation.

We contacted Anak in France to explore the possibilities of providing some assistance to the association upon arrival and we brought a suitcase of toys, clothes, school supplies…

Apart from this material support, we also wanted to make a small video (within our limited means) to display the exceptional atmosphere with the children as well as to communicate about the actions of Anak upon our return to France.

My school principal has seen the video and seems interested in entering into a partnership with the Anak center in Pakisan!

I am very happy to stay in touch with my friends from Anak in Bali and this project will allow us all to exchange and learn from each other.


Sponsorship Program

Educational Project for 24 young women – Dharma Cita 2

The Dharma Cita educational home in Singaraja was created in 2013 and the time has now come to open a second home in 2017 to cater for the increasing demand.

Due to lack of space in Dharma Cita, 6 of the 36 students are currently residing in a house close by.

Since the beginning of July 2017, 22 additional high school students will have to settle in Singaraja to continue their studies, 9 of which will leave when they finish high school. This means that there will be a total of 49 high school students living in Singaraja, of whom, 24 will be young women.

It therefore seems appropriate for the association to create a DHARMA CITA 2 which will cater for young women only.

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